Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Da Good Ol' Dayz: The Place of Bows and Crossbows in Gorkamorka

Hey all,

A while ago I wrote up a post on Blunderbusses, Shootas and Kannons and there uses in GoMo, and I added I sidenote that eventually I would cover the two lesser used weapons in the Gunz list... Bows and Crossbows. Today is that day, because I have finally got myself some motivation!

On paper, the Bow looks inferior next to the Shoota... Put shortly, it is. But when you look they are a toof cheaper, allowing you to hire more warriors for your starting mob. However, this really isn't enough to give it much of a chance, you would just be better off paying the extra toof.

There is one mob where I would consider taking bows as a primary weapon... Grot Rebels. Given that normal Grots don't have access to Shootas or Kannons, it means that a Bow can give them some handy ranged support. A Bow also means that you can hire a few more Grots for your Mob, which you will need for boarding actions. Here is a simple example.

3x Grot - 21
- Six Shoota
- Choppa
- Studded Armour and Shield

3x Grot - 18
- Bow
- Choppa
- Studded Armour and Shield

Those three teef saved mean you can take another warrior:

Snot - 3
- Knife
- Studded Armour and Shield

Giving five of your Grots bows over a Six Shoota or Slugga means that you can take an extra Cutta, and you can have an 18" Range attack over a 12" one.

Crossbows also provide a handy option for Cutta mounted Grots, giving you some much needed S4 to attack enemy vehicles, which they cannot normally take, without the option for the linked Kannon.

The only downside to these weapons for Grots is that they cannot be Kustomised, but then you would want to be spending your teef on more Cuttas and Grots for boarding anyway.

Heres a starting mob list with a bow theme to illustrate my ideas:

Head Honcho - 12
- Kannon, Choppa, Studded Armour and Shield

Banna Waver - 10
- Kannon, Choppa, Studded Armour and Shield

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Bow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Crossbow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 5
- Crossbow, Knife, Shield, Studded Armour

Grot - 4
- Knife, Choppa, Studded Armour

Grot - 4
- Knife, Choppa, Studded Armour

Grot (Cutta Pilot) - 2
- Knife

Big Lugga - 23
- Splattapult

Cutta - 5

Total: 100 Teef

Standing Still we get:

2x S4 Kannon Shots (One at BS4)
2x S4 Crossbow Shots
6x S3 Bow Shots
1x Splattapult Shot (With the 2 Knife and Choppa Grots)

Food for thought...
Do you think that Bows and Crossbows have a place in Gorkamorka, have I got it right, leave a comment below.

Special Thanks to Flamekebab who sent a copy of Digganob Down Under so I could write this list and make these thoughts.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Special - Da Zombie Aporkalypse

Hi All,

Strange, given that in Australia we don't really celebrate Halloween that I have written some Halloween rules. But then it was a great excuse for a side project and I couldn't resist something as cool as Digga Zombies!

This is first in what I hope to be a series of special scenarios. One off games in which you face a strange enemy and can gain some unique things out of. In this scenario you team up with the other players in your campaign to fight of an approaching Zombie Digga horde (controlled by a volunteeer player). You can commit as many or as little of your mob as possible, but then you would miss out on all the experience points on offer, as well as Chain Choppas and the possibility of one of your mob members catching the Zombie Plague.


Thing That go “Waaagh!” in the Night:
Halloween Festivities in Gorkamorka

Urgak had been digging for scrap for a while now, and the twin suns of Gorkamorka were beginning to sink below the horizon. The Yoof panted slightly, it had been a long day, fightin off Diggas, stealin’ and krumpin dere stuff. Regardless, he continued his work, not wanting to attract the discipline of Skargul.

Suddenly, without warning a hand clutched Urgak’s shoulder.

“What is it ya Grot!” Yelled Urgak, expecting to see another Yoof. Instead he saw a Digga, a dead Digga.

“Brainssss...” Slurred the abomination in front of the young Ork.

“I ain’t got any ya Zogger!” replied Urgak, drawing and emptying his Six-Shoota into the zombie in front of him, which promptly slumped to the floor, twitching. The Yoof looked out into the darkness, seeing a horde of dead Diggas shambling towards him.

Unperturbed Urgak set off towards the Buggy to tell Skargul of a new enemy to bash on Gorkamorka.

Scenario: Da Digga Zombie Aporkalypse

This scenario has been designed for more than two players if you wish to do so. It is advised that the “Alive” Players combine into one mob for the purposes of the turn sequence (it is assumed that they put aside their differences to deal with the meddling Diggas) and that each player controls their own models. This does not mean however, that it stops you from shooting at your teammates; you are an Ork/Digga/Rebel Grot, after all.

Da Desert
Terrain can take the form of anything you wish! From a sparse “nowhere to hide” desert to a mob holding out in their fort until reinforcements arrive, it’s up to you.

Every mob taking part can choose any of their mobsters and vehicles to take part in the scenario. You can be cautious and only risk a few warriors (BOO! Hiss!), or you can commit yourself to taking out hordes of Zombie Diggas with your entire mob.

The “Alive” Player(s) always start first in this scenario, a Zombie horde is hard to miss!

The “Alive” Players may place their models within 12” of the centre of the board, they may leave any of their warriors in reserve. Models in reserve will appear on a 6+ on Turn 2, 5+ on Turn 3, and so on, a roll of one is always a fail.

The scenario ends when the “Alive” Player(s) fulfil at least one of the following objectives:
- Slay all Zombie Digganobs
- Escape (i.e. move off the board) with half of the Orks starting numbers. (Including your temporary allies! No Boyz left behind!)
- Slay all Zombie Diggas (i.e. completely remove them from the table).

Mobs may bottle out as normal.

Special Rules:

The Zombie Horde
The Zombie player has teef equal to 150% of the combined Mob Rating of the Mobs taking part in which he can spend to create his Zombie Horde.

Example: An Ork Player has a Mob with a rating of 200. The Zombie player therefore has 1.5 times this amount of teef to buy his hoard, so he would have 300 teef to spend.

The battle will take place at Dusk, creating problems for “the not dead” to try and fight. At the start of the game, roll 6D6, this is the amount of inches that any model can see at any time during the game. Zombies, by their very nature, couldn’t care less and move normally.

Warriors that took part in the fight gain experience as follows:

+D6 – Survives
+5 – Wounding Hit
+ 10 – Winning
Each Nob (or equivalent) on the winning side gains this.
+ 10 – Killing a Zombie Digganob

Garkuls a Bit Odd Dis Mornin’
Warriors that go out of action in this game roll on the serious injury table as normal. However, replace any rolls of Dead or Captured with this result.

The Warrior has succumbed to the Zombie Plague, unbeknownst to his comrades. He now suffers from -1 Movement and - 1 Initiative (this includes reducing his maximum statistics). However, he now has a funny habit of getting back up again when out of action. He now has the following table when rolling to injure and recover:

1-3 – Flesh Wound
4-5 – Down
6 – Out of Action

In addition to the above, if the model was a Digga, Grot, Dark Eldar or Mutie (or anything else that can be pinned), it now is now immune to pinning.

Also, any vehicles that are crippled in the game always count as making a full recovery. Zombies have little interest in damaging buggies, so they always miraculously find themselves out of harms way.

Zombie Forces

1-5 Zombie Digganobs
Cost to recruit: 25 teef

4 4 3 4 5 3 3 3 -
Weapons: Two Choppas OR Uge Choppa OR Shoota and Knife, ‘Eavy Armour

Special: Zombies always pass any Leadership check they are required to take. Also, they use the following table to determine injury and recovery results:
1-4 – Flesh Wound
5 – Down
6 – Out of Action

Zombie Diggas
Cost to recruit: 5 teef

3 2 1 3 4 1 2 1 -
Weapons: Jaws and Hands (Count as a single knife), Studded Armour

Special: Zombies always pass any Leadership check they are required to take. Also, they use the following table to determine injury and recovery results:

1-3 – No effect. The Zombie ignores the wound and continues play/gets back up.
4-5 – Down
6 – Out of Action

Zombie Squigs
Cost to recruit: 7 teef

5 2 0 3 4 1 3 1 -
Weapons: Vicious Jaws (Count as a single knife)

Special: Zombies always pass any Leadership check they are required to take. Also, they use the following table to determine injury and recovery results:

1-3 – No effect. The Zombie ignores the wound and continues play/gets back up.
4-5 – Down
6 – Out of Action

New Wargear: Chain Choppa

With Zombie Digga attacks becoming a more frequent occurrence on Gorkamorka, the Meks felt the need to make a few teef out of this new enemy, and so took to work finding a weapon that could keep those damned Zombies dead. The result was the Chain Choppa, a weapon that, although has roughly the same hitting power as a Choppa, makes sure that when something gets hit by it’s whirring blades, it stays hit.

Chain Choppas can be purchased in a trip to Mek Town (or equivalent) before or after a game which involves Zombie Diggas. They cost 3 teef and are included are treated as a weapon in the hand to hand catergory, so those models with no access to hand to hand weapons cannot buy them.

Chain Choppa
[Close Combat Weapon]
Strength: User +1
Armour Save Modifier: Varies
Damage: 1

Special: The Chain Choppa benefits from a +1 Modifier when rolling on the Injury table after successfully wounding. Note this does not apply to recovery rolls.

Sorry about the formatting, I wrote this up on word and it did not format itself properly, Blogger's cruel like that.

Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sun Rises On A New Project - The Dusk Nomads

As the title says really. After my thoughts on new races in Gorkamorka - see below - and this post on The Waaagh (In which I convincingly killed off the thread after two posts). I have decided to open up a new project - The Dusk Nomads.

Now this won't be knocked out at the same the same pace as my Dark Eldar Rules (Shameless Plug Count: 4... Damn, I need to stop that thing...) as I am entering my exam weeks but hopefully I will get it done sometime down the track.

The Dusk Nomads are a mob of Abhumans (known as "Da Abhumies" to the Orks on Angelis) that resulted from the unnatural G forces caused by the Eternal Vigilance when it crashed. The resulting Abhumans were Squat like creatures (from the lower decks), and stronger, muscular Ogryn like creatures (criminals/slave labourers that managed to hold on!) as well as a few pet Diggas.

They will be based on current Citadel Miniatures that you can get from GW's onlines store so there will be less need for conversion. I'm thinking that Ogryns, House Cawdor Miniatures and Dwarf Slayers will make up the bulk of the mobs.

Heres the first fluff piece:

Dusk Nomads: Background Part 1

The Day The Hulk Came Down

The Day the Hulk Came Down
The Eternal Vigilance was caught in a terrible Warp Storm. Kurtol moved through the crew chambers with a great pace, waking up any remaining engineers he could find on the deck. The newly risen men followed him with great haste, they knew what they had to do, they had to shut down the Warp Drive Engines if they were to escape the storm engulfing them.

Kurtol opened the airlock between him and the engine room, and the Engineers swarmed to their stations immediately, attempting to disengage the ship’s flight. Reports came to him within the minute they had set foot inside the chamber, they were having trouble with the emergency shut-off, they needed to do this quickly, or else they would risk losing the engines completely.

Suddenly the warning klaxons went off, bathing the engine deck in a red light.

“Celestial Energy Spike Detected, Damage to Engine Room Passageway, Sealing Blast Doors” boomed the female voice over the Vox.

“Shit!” yelled Kurtol, “Keep working men! They’ll rescue us when we get out of this mess!”

Kurtol’s words had no effect on the men below him, and at least fifty men scrambled for the blast doors to no avail, nigh on all were sucked out into space as they left the chamber by the gaping hole caused by the energy spike and those that tried to turn back were cut off by the blast doors, sealing their fate.

The Eternal Vigilance then jolted with extraordinary force. Kurtol was forced onto the ground, along with most of the other crewmen. The Vox then sounded again.

“Engine Failure, Entering Planetary Gravity Well, Brace for Impact, Repeat Brace for Impact!”

The ship jolted again, tipping the deck into an almost vertical slant. Those close to the bottom were pushed up against the wall, compacting and squashing their bodies. Those at the top fell to their deaths, impacting against the steel wall below, a few of the strongest managed to save themselves by gripping the railings, although they found themselves being stretched and contorted by almost impossible forces.

As the Eternal Vigilance hurtled towards Angelis, the members of the engine crew prayed.

What do you think of the idea?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gorkamorka - Heavy Thinking - Racial Diversity

Hi All,

Welcome to Heavy Thinking, my cheap rip-off version of BoLS’s Deep Thought Posts. Today I was thinking about Gorkamorka (hmmm... surprise?), and making it more appealing to the masses through the use of introducing new races and diversity in the existing races. In Gorkamorka we have two accessible races which can be taken for free from the GW website:
- Gorkers
- Morkers
Not a heap of diversity as the difference between them is paint scheme and skill tables, and their play-style is remarkably similar. That’s okay, because the Digganob expansion adds three more races into the mix:
- Grot Revolutionaries
- Muties
- Diggas
These guys can shake up the game with their different play-styles, but that’s provided that you can find a copy of the rules. I play in a GW store and using a non-GW PDF would have me banned pretty quickly, and finding a copy of Digganob in Australia is like searching for hen’s teeth (or teef?). I’m sure that my situation is not unique, so we are limited back to Gorkers and Morkers.

But we can use Fandexes and Homebrew rules, and this opens up a new opens up opportunities for new races in Gorkamorka. I have already written rules for the Dark Eldar (which can be found below) (SHAMELESS PLUG COUNT: 2), and the guys at
www.gorkamorka.co.uk are creating rules for the Human Dust Rats.

This leads us to the point of my post which is:

What new races can we bring into Gorkamorka to bring more variety in play-style? And how do we do it?

So far we have 5 official GW races, two of which are easily accessible, and (as far as I know) two fan-races (SHAMELESS PLUG COUNT: 3). But what more can we add to GoMo?

Over to you. [Funny, considering I have a grand total of one reader... Hi Flamekebab.]


It's An Arms Race!

Hey All,

Small article today in which I will speak about the main trio of hand held guns used in Gorkamorka. Shootas, Kannons and Blunderbusses all have their uses on the battlefield, and are best used by certain types of mobsters. Bows and Crossbows can also be useful, but I'll cover that in another article (Haha! You'll have to come back! Checkmate.) Anyway, we move onto the article:

+ Jack of All Trades - Can be Kustomised in all forms and may become a very formidable weapon.
+ Reasonable Cost of 2 Teef.
+ (Comparatively) Long Short Range with positive modifier.
- Average Strength of 3 can't penetrate Engines and only penetrates most armour on a 6
- Starts out decidedly average.

Best Used By: Everyone, it is truly a jack-of-all trades weapon.

+ S4 Base, a plus against vehicles.
+ Knockback Rule
- Very, very, very short range, with a negative long range modifier. (-1 at over 4")
- Limited Kustomisation available meaning it is pretty much stuck at it's base.
- Can be expensive when bought in large amounts (3 teef each).

Best Used By: Nobs, and anyone that advances to BS4 or higher. Can be used on Boyz and the like, but I don't recommend having too many in one mob. Generally wasted on Yoofs, give them a slugga or six-shoota instead.

+ A massive +3 modifier to hit at short (i.e everything) range.
+ Incredibly cheap weapon if you're short on teef, at only 1 teef.
- + 1 Save modifier.
- Cripplingly short range, with only a 10" threat distance.
- Average strength of 3
- Only 1 Kustomisation option available to it.

Best Used By: Yoofs. They love the Short Range modifier, which makes them 2+ to hit before any other modifiers. Equip them with a Choppa and a knife as well to protect them in Close Combat, and kustomise them to have More Dakka for sustained fire. Can also be used by Boyz and such, but keep their number to a low, as your mob will lack hitting power with this many short-range low strength weapons.

That's it for this article, if you enjoyed it, why not become a follower or comment below (wink wink, nudge nudge),I'm very much hoping that this blog will soon build up a large amount of Gorkamorka content, and can possibly become a good resource for new GoMo players.


Collecting A Mob - My Way

Hi All,

Today’s post is about my GoMo warband, and how I went about creating it. I used the template set out on [this post] at gorkamorka.co.uk. Hopefully first-time GoMo players can garner inspiration and guidance on how to build their mob using this template. Here goes:

Step One: Gorkers or Morkers
I’m a big fan of Mork, however I am also a fan of getting up close and personal with my Boyz, so it seemed that I would be playing as Da Gorkers in the battles in the Skid. This meant that I would be limited with my vehicle pilots (Spanners or my Nob for Driving Skills), but I would be able to take plenty of Dakka Skills.

Step Two: Da Nob
Every Mob needs one, and why wouldn’t you want to? The Nob is a mighty figure to spearhead any mob (starting off at WS and BS 4) and is can become quite the powerhouse. I equipped Skargul (I name all the warriors in my mob) with a rather cheap Slugga, an ‘Uge Choppa for use in boarding actions, and some ‘Eavy Armour to protect him. I plan to give him plenty of Muscle skills and customise his Slugga so it can fire a hail of shells at the enemy.
Cost so far: 23 teef

Step Three: Da Spanner(s)
Once again, Spanners are required to start up a mob, so I recruited the fittingly named Mekgrod and immediately put him to work servicing my Trukk (read about that later). I decided to arm him with the bare minimum, as he would be my Trukk driver (Spanners are one of the only two classes in Gorker mobs that can gain driving skills), so he was given simply a Slugga and a knife.
Cost so far: 31 teef

Step Four: Da Vehicles
With only one Spanner, I could gain access to either three bikes or one other vehicle. Needing it’s large transport capacity, I went for the Trukk, and dubbed her Gork’s Eye. I armed her with an ‘Eavy Shoota, which with its high rate of fire and decent strength, would be essential in penetrating other vehicles armour. I set Mekgrod as the driver and put Gorbag (a Boy I would recruit later) in the gunner’s seat.
Cost so far: 66 teef

Step Five: Da Slavers
I would recruit a Slaver later on in the Campaign, as their experience putting prisoners to work would prove very handy. However for now I would stick to basic Boyz and hire one later.

Step Six: Da Boyz
I need a hard core of Boyz to throw at the enemy in boarding actions and whatnot (and one to fire the Trukk’s weapons), so I recruited the trio of Gorbag, Lugsnik and Zod. I equipped Gorbag (the gunner) with a knife and a Shoota in the case that the Mounted Weapon becomes unusable during the game (and with my luck it will...).

Lugsnik and Zod got equipped with Kannons and Choppas. The Kannons would become very useful when trying to penetrate a vehicles armour (S4 For the Win!), and the Choppas would ensure they would be over-compensating for a knife-fight.
Cost so far: 91 teef

Step Seven: Da Yoofs
With nine teef left in my Squiggy Bank, I decided to buy a Yoof for cheap labour and to guard the Scrap in some scenarios. Ideally, he would become really ‘ard with a few battles under his belt. I armed Nagrod with a Slugga and a Choppa in case he actually got into a fight.

Step Eight: Da Grotz
Not quite yet! I’ll need a Slaver before I get some of these buggers in my mob, though I may yet do so.

Step Nine: Rolling for Starting Experience
At the time of writing I’m already past this point, so I’ve long since rolled and forgotten about it, but I can say that the mob is progressing well in it’s campaign against the prototype Dark Eldar (see my rules below... Damn, I just did a shameless plug...) and can continue to develop.

So there it is, my starting Mob in all its glory (for lack of a better Orky word). I plan to give some updates on it throughout the campaign (however long that lasts), and add some terribly corny fan-fic (I just lost half my readers, I now have 1 reader left me-thinks) to go along with it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gorkamorka - My Dark Eldar Houserules

Hi all,

Those GoMo fans that trawl the internet may have stumbled upon my Dark Eldar houserules last week, which are still under draft.

They can be found here: http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=47194

I wrote these rules not just on a whim, but because I was trying to entice a new player into Gorkamorka. He had just dropped quite a bit of cash on a new Dark Eldar force and I didn't want to have to make him buy Trukks and Traks (among other things) to start the game. Hopefully they are of use to some other GoMo players out there, and I look forward to adding some more to it (They are in need of Gubbinz).

If you are a Gorka fan, then you may want to check out two of my favourite Gorkamorka sites, but then, if your reading this, you've probably found this through there:

Thanks for reading,